Executive Search

Our entire focus is to recruit Managers and Directors which meet our clients’ exact needs and where the opportunity is also right for the candidates career. We take our role getting this right very seriously and as such, we have a robust process we go through when taking on any new search.



The Recruitment Process



The Job Description

The most important factor when conducting any kind of Executive Search is to ensure that the job description accurately describes what the job is all about and to develop a sales story which is going to excite candidates. IMA recommends the following six point plan for optimum recruitment:

1. Get the job description right – what is the employee going to be doing each day? What value is the role in the business?
2. Ensure you create a Company and job focused sales story which is going to attract candidates – we will help you with this
3. Work with IMA to identify:

  • the type of individual you want – experience, behavioural profile and qualifications
  • what job title they may already have
  • companies they may be working in/worked for
  • the personality profile which will fit your business

4. Benchmark remuneration and make sure you’re offering a competitive package – we will do this for you
5. Ensure you don’t break any discrimination laws (age, sex, race, disability) – we will check this for you
6. Have a proper timetable of when, where and with whom interviews are going to take place – remove any delays in the process


At this point IMA will use a Researcher to identify both target companies and individuals who will fit the criteria of the job. Our clients either give IMA specific target companies to approach or can ask us to research companies who fall within the target audience.
Once targets are identified, our Researcher will make contact with the target candidates and sell the benefits of the position. The candidates will send through their CVs to the Researcher who will pass them on to IMA.

During the research element, the Researcher often identifies interesting information on company performance, remuneration and views on our client or the role which we’re recruiting. This information belongs to our client and we are happy to pass on our Researchers full contact report as we believe this will provide very useful market research.


IMA will interview candidates using the job description as the framework for a competency based interview. Additionally, we also get the candidates to complete an on-line Behavioural Profile prior to our interview – this uses the DISC insight into a person’s behaviour. IMA also incorporates a couple of “killer questions” during our interviews; these are industry and function specific, detailed questions/scenarios which we agree with our clients in advance.

The Shortlist

  • IMA will deliver a shortlist which will include for each candidate:
  • An original CV – we don’t alter these in any way
  • Our interview notes
  • A Behavioural Profile


For a basic salary £40K to £60K the charge is 30% (10%/10%/10%) of the salary, between £60K to 100K basic salary is 25% (9%/9%/7%) and for a basic salary of £100K+ is 20% (7%/7%/6%)
The figures in brackets mean % charged when IMA takes on an assignment, % charged when the short-list is delivered and % charged when a candidate accepts an offer
(Fees exclude VAT at 20% and receipt-backed expenses).