Market Access

“As we were setting up our operations in the UK, IMA have been invaluable partners in the growth and development of our organization.  While there can be many unforeseen complexities to setting up an operation in a new jurisdiction, Esther and Nigel were there with us every step of the way.  From areas ranging from merger integration, executive recruitment, HR strategy, and international expansion, IMA have provided insightful solutions to ensure GlobalStep’s continued growth in the UK and Europe. I would wholeheartedly recommend IMA to any company looking to strengthen their operations in the UK”.

Sanjiv Ahluwalia

Managing Director

GlobalStep UK Ltd


“I was introduced to IMA by UKTI as I wanted to move Isaix into new markets in the UK. Nigel and his team were able to provide us with information on the key issues in our primary target market, so we could pitch our services appropriately and then opened the doors to key decision makers. IMA managed to achieve our goals quickly and cost effectively and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their services.”

Erik Schreter

Vice President, International for

IsaiX Technologies Inc.

“We hired Nigel to help us to get our business established in the UK. Nigel managed our executive search process and also helped to guide us through the process of establishing the business with his extensive network of contacts. Nigel was friendly, timely, wise, efficient and very good value for money throughout the process. Not only did Nigel help us find a strong field of candidates to choose from within a tight timeframe, he also was invaluable as an advisor in the selection process. Nigel is a very perceptive judge of character and unlike many recruitment professionals he will not sit on the fence when he has a point of view, we found this extremely helpful while making a difficult choice. I have no hesitation in recommending Nigel and IMA to other businesses seeking support in the UK market. We will certainly be turning to him for help again as and when we need it.”

Matt Crozier


Bang the Table (Australia)

“We approached IMA to help us expand our global mining software company with a London, UK operation. Our success is built on a commitment to service, so we were thrilled to find that the same principle drives IMA. IMA and Managing Director Nigel Taylor helped us locate an office and hire our entire start-up staff within months – a rare feat in an industry with high demands for skilled professionals. IMA’s attention to our needs, and its commitment to our objectives, exceeded our expectations. After such superior service, we would not hesitate to use IMA again.”

Susan Wick

Chief Operating Officer

Mintec, Inc.

“We hired IMA LTD to help us respond to a large public sector tender having entered the UK market from America we had little experience in the sector. Nigel guided us through writing our response, always striving to make it the best it can be which ultimately lead to us exclusively winning the bid.

Nigel is a pleasure to work with, he is flexible, committed and takes the time to understand your business needs. He is not afraid to offer his opinion and expert recommendation and we would have no hesitation in recommending Nigel and IMA”

Brian Abbey

UK Managing Director


Bentley Motors have used the services of IMA since 2004 and during this time they have provided us with both Interim Management and Executive Search support in the UK and overseas. The team at IMA always strive to come up with the right candidates and they work closely with us to identify our specific needs. IMA has taken the time and trouble to understand our business and they live their vision of being an extension of their clients businesses. IMA are a trustworthy, likeable and proficient company who we enjoy working with and we’re pleased to recommend them.

Christine Gaskell

Member of the Board, Personnel

Bentley Motors

“Through Interim Management specialists IMA, who worked closely with us to scope our requirement, Lindsay Heggie was hired to undertake a review of our inside sales operation and make recommendations for improvement.   We gave her a wide-ranging remit and a very tight timeline to work within.  As a highly knowledgeable and experienced call centre and inside sales professional she hit the ground running, and quickly got to grips with our operational practices and procedures, as well as the complexities involved.   As a result she was able to deliver this assignment on time. She easily adapted to our business environment and worked well with both our operations and management personnel.  She found time to provide mentoring to one of our young managers who greatly appreciated her input. Her analysis was well documented and presented, and her recommendations easy to understand.”

Ty Smith

Head of SME Developments and Partnerships

ARVAL BNP Paribas Group

PEO/EOR and Outsourced HR

“In providing us with a means of expanding our recruitment presence in the UK, International Management Answers Ltd has been an invaluable partner. Nigel and his team have been extremely responsive, informative and flexible in supporting UBC’s initial efforts to engage an in-country advisor/consultant. IMA’s in-depth knowledge of labor laws, HR requirements and tax implications have allowed us to move forward in the UK knowing we have met all of the necessary requirements. We’ve been very satisfied with services rendered.”

Håkan Björn

Senior Director, International Student Initiative

University of British Columbia


“IMA has been providing Human Resources services and support to our UK Company since 2016 and we are very pleased.  We view Esther McLeod as a valued part of our team.  She is amazing.  During these years, she has helped us with many HR needs and challenges.  I don’t know what we would do without her.  I would recommend her and IMA to any company operating in the UK.”

Betsy Amos
Vice President and Executive Director

Omega World Travel Inc.


“IMA provided AppNexus with an outsourced HR service for our European Headquarters based in London for 2 years and also assisted in the setting up and management of HR operations in France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Singapore and Australia.
AppNexus has gone through considerable growth and IMA was always able to support the Company’s international growth plans on time and within budget.  AppNexus has now reached a size where we have taken our HR in-house; however, we have been delighted with the support we were given by IMA as our Company grew rapidly.  I would not hesitate in recommending IMA to other fast growing Tech companies.”

David Bornor

Senior Director, People Global

AppNexus Inc

“As a foreign company, taking its first steps in the challenging UK market, we needed someone to help us out with all HR related questions. We needed to make sure we worked with a reliable partner as all decisions we taken at the start up, would influence our future. Indeed, people are as important as the store and the articles we sell. In Esther we found that reliable partner helping us with the set up, of as well the basic HR such as contracts, wages, policies, .., as the more strategically development of the company. She is a very devoted person, with a complete dedication to the task, not knowing the term office hours, being always available, as that is HR too. Today we are big enough for an internal HR Manager, whom continues upon the present foundations.”

Peter Antonissen

Country Manager



“When we decided to open an office in the UK, I knew we would need a HR partner who would not only be a trusted advisor but also someone who would work with our company’s best interest in mind.  Esther has exceeded all of our expectations. She is extremely competent, proactive and always very responsive in addressing our questions and concerns.   Esther has been instrumental in our success in opening up an office in the UK by way of helping us offer our employees the very best programs and policies that are the right fit for our company, culture and size.  Additionally, she has guided us through our practices ensuring we stay within line of compliance.  Esther has also referred us to experts within her network who have been able to partner with in regards to immigration, benefits and employment law.  I would not hesitate to recommend Esther as a true and valuable business partner.”

Aurie Chidziva

Director of Human Resources



“We could not be more pleased with both the services and partnership provided by Nigel and his team. International expansion is a challenging action by any company and Nigel’s team has built confidence in our internal team throughout our project(s). I wish we could have learned of Nigel’s team earlier in the process of setting up our entity.”

Cynthia Baker

Director of Human Resources

Covario Inc.

“This was our company’s first venture in Europe and I researched a number of firms to assist us with this process.  We were very pleased with the level of expertise and support we received in preparing the necessary tools and required processes for employing our staff to open our new retail location.  We were able to retain the DNA of our brand in all the required policies, procedures and employee communications while meeting the requirements of UK employment rules and regulations.  The dedicated support person we worked with, Esther McLeod, was a pleasure to work with.  She was very responsive and had a sense of urgency that was second to none.  We could not have done it without her.  I would highly recommend this firm to any company considering entering the UK to do business”.

Vice President of Human Resources, Men’s Designer Lifestyle Brand


“Frankie is amazing! Relocating from the US, she helped immensely and we could not have gotten a better result. After some attempts to view and contact letting agents before our move, we didn’t have any luck. Frankie helped us view, negotiate, and find the perfect flat for our family. She went above and beyond to look into schools, setup visits and continues to look after us as we are getting settled.”

Jim and Amelia Suchy


“We have used IMA Ltd exclusively to help our staff plan their moves from the US to the UK as we began to grow our business in the UK. They’ve done a masterful job of managing the different requirements and needs of the team and were able to match them to exactly what they were looking for. There are so many nuances to moving to the UK and with their help we were able to navigate those while also focusing on our business and families. Throughout the process they went out of their way to make the search, decision and move in process seamless and even made the process fun. We will continue to use them to smooth the transition process for new employees making the move and now consider them part of the Appirio family!

Lori Williams

General Manager, Europe


“I recently used the relocation services of IMA Ltd when my family and I moved from New York to London. Considering the urgency, short notice, and time constraints of the move, I found Frankie and Linda engaging, responsive, and knowledgeable of the best communities within London; as well as, genuinely warm and supportive. They felt like family. They quickly understood my requirements and expectations and within a few days were able to seamlessly coordinate the viewing of a great selection of properties; in addition to, sourcing a very good school for my daughter – all within close proximity to my place of business. In my experience, working in the luxury service industry, IMA went above and beyond the normal relocation services as Frankie and Linda brought a very personal touch to what can be a stressful process by making the client experience simple and stress free. I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again and I highly recommend them to other families and US companies coming to London.

Bob O’Connell

Managing Director


My husband and I landed in London early on a Thursday morning, steeled for a brutal 48-hour march across London in a desperate attempt to find a new house and school for our two daughters. The first half of the day was dedicated to visiting schools, the second half to seeing houses. Heartbreak seemed inevitable, as we knew absolutely had to choose one of each during that visit. But at 4pm that first day, we found ourselves seated with Frankie in our soon-to-be local pub, toasting our new home and our kids’ new school.

Along the way, Frankie was welcoming, knowledgable, empathetic, comforting, patient, charming and funny. More importantly, at no point did she try to sell us on a house or school that was clearly subpar. In fact, she even rolled her eyes or whispered “Let’s get out of here” when a place was plainly wrong for us. She had asked all the right questions and done all the right planning for us to have a wealth of good choices.

My 7-year-old cried off and on all day when we left Brooklyn; these days she mostly runs around our backyard with her little sister, the two of them laughing maniacally. Frankie was instrumental in making that happen and we will always be grateful.

Alexandra Farkas

Client Services Director, Partner