Providing efficient employment solutions for international companies entering the UK.


Full management of payroll, pensions & social security


Ensuring full compliance with laws in the UK


Providing cost effective solutions for tax


Project management with UK knowledge

What is a PEO?

A professional employer organisation (PEO) is type of outsourcing that assists businesses with human resource. The PEO is responsible for withholding proper taxes, paying unemployment insurance taxes, and providing workers compensation coverage.

Our PEO Solution

Clients use our PEO solution if they’re looking to establish a small UK based team, this can be executed very quickly without a lengthy or complicated procedure. This is typically a first step in advance of establishing a wholly owned subsidiary and we see this as an interim arrangement for our international clients.

The key thing which differentiates our PEO solution from others in the market is that we construct our employee contracts and HR policies specific to our client’s own operational requirements as the TUPE process demands that these be transferred to the new UK subsidiary intact; accordingly, it makes sense to get this right from day one.

Streamlining new UK subsidiary, providing ongoing HR support, this seamless process means employees and our clients experience no change in operation during the transfer process and our existing relationships continue.

Our primary aim is to make the transition from PEO to UK subsidiary as easy as possible for our clients and employees.

About us

Who are we?

We are a UK based team that provides expert PEO services, created to assist international companies looking to launch in the United Kingdom. We provide Market Access Consulting, Professional Employee Outsourcing, Outsourced HR, and Employee Relocation. Our aim is for international companies to hit the ground running with a hassle-free, timely and cost-effective services.

What do we do?

We get to understand each of our clients’ businesses and their strategic goals, then create bespoke solutions based around our core services.

How do we work?

Our entire focus is to become an extension of our clients’ businesses and to deliver a level of service which goes beyond the norm – we have an unusual enthusiasm for our work and bring to it an unrivalled dynamism, drive and devotion.

What’s Included in Our PEO UK service?

  • Employs UK based staff
  • Issues offer letters
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Employee Handbook
  • IMA Pension Scheme
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Authorised Expenses
  • Providing Phones, Computers, Fuel cards
  • Employers Liability
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Payroll
  • P60 and P45
  • Support in TUPE transfer

asked questions

IMA’s contract is with the international parent company.  There are no specific UK tax requirements.  Employers National Insurance, covering the dedicated employees, is charged as part of the monthly invoice.

Yes, we can, as we source candidates through external recruitment partners.  IMA is responsible for onboarding all new staff

Costs are based on the number of employees and the rate reduces as the numbers increase.  Please contact Nigel Taylor – Managing Director for a quotation


For more information on how we can assist with your PEO UK employment, please contact Nigel Taylor to discuss your requirements and to receive a quotation.

Nigel Taylor

Nigel taylor

Managing Director & Founder

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