Interim Management

Outside the UK and Europe nobody has heard of Interim Management, yet this is a £1bn industry with 80,000 Interim Managers employed across Europe. The service started in Holland in the 1970s and it’s grown every year since its inception.

IMA is the only Interim Management Company with an exclusive focus on supporting International companies in the UK.

Typically, companies bring in Interim Management expertise for a finite amount of time, examples of their use include:

  • Opening up a new market and getting great connections – A MAJOR BENEFIT FOR INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES
  • Delivering change projects e.g. setting up a new supply chain, project managing the opening of an office, implementation of a new ERP system etc.
  • Using part-time senior support on an ongoing basis until such time as they’ve grown to an appropriate size and can justify a full time head (HR, Finance are typical requirements)
  • Mentoring – especially good for international clients who don’t understand the UK market or the way the British work
  • Plugging a senior gap in their business, for example, waiting for someone to join their company or filling a gap due to long term sickness

The most important things when using an Interim Manager is to ensure that they’ve got experience of your market and the gap you’re trying to bridge; our expertise is in firstly helping you define your requirement and then secondly finding the perfect Interim Managers who can “hit the ground running”.

Unlike most Interim Management Companies, IMA does not limit itself to its own database and uses its experience in Executive Search to identify candidates from multiple channels in order to deliver Interim Managers with the right experience.

Interim Management assignments can last between 10 days and 1 year with most project based assignments taking between 3 to 6 months – in a lot of cases the Interim Managers work on a part time basis which proves to be very cost effective.

Costs for Interim Managers typically range between £300 to £1200 per day – this includes IMA’s charges but excludes VAT and business expenses in-line with a client’s expense claim policy.