What is the NIHR?

What is the NIHR?

dh_124922The NIHR, short for National Institute for Health and Research, is the research arm of the NHS. The NIHR is the most integrated clinical research system in the world and is uniquely placed as a location for medtech research.


The medical technology and diagnostics sectors produce a broad range of products used by the National Health Service. This strong industry sector is supported by a broad range of research and development expertise embedded in the country’s leading universities and hospitals. much of this expertise is brought together by NIHR.


NIHR in numbers:


NIHR biomedical research centres and units supported over 2,600 medical technology studies in 2014/15.


The NIHR clinical research network supported the delivery of 123 studies with the medtech industry in 2014/15.


The NIHR is investing £10.4 million in Health Technology Co-operatives – specialised infrastructure to support medtech and in vitro diagnostic research.


NIHR research programmes that support collaboration with industry provided over £137 million of funding for medtech research projects to date.


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