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PEO in the UK

When to use a PEO in the UK, when to not and when to bring your employees in-house IMA’s 2nd blog celebrating 20 years Although the subject line is PEO (Professional Employee Outsourcing), the reality is, the UK operates an Employee of Record (EOR) business model as employees are solely employed by the Outsourcing Company as opposed to jointly employed (as in the US).  In terms of the day-to-day operation, there are minimal differences between a PEO and an EOR and, as PEO is a more widely used international term, I will continue using this abbreviation. Looking at when a PEO is most useful – speed is probably the greatest benefit in the UK.  International companies can have dedicated staff operational within a couple of weeks whereas the typical time it takes to be able to employ UK staff, through a wholly owned subsidiary, is around 6 to 9 months…

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As novelist George Bernard Shaw said, “England and America are two countries separated by a common language”, a quote often used to highlight the differences between the UK and the US. This quote serves as a reminder that whilst we are culturally alike, and we approach business in similar ways there are often some important variations with the delivery; this is particularly highlighted in the differences in HR practices.

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